November 11, 2009

America doesn't have a president

"It has been reported that trillions of collective dollars not shown in government budget reports are shown through government CAFR reports and they are virtually never openly discussed by the syndicated news media, both the Democratic and Republican Party members, the House, Senate, and organized public education, and as in such over the last 50 years the domestic and international investment assets of US Federal and Local Governments as a whole have taken over the Stock, Derivative, Insurance, and Debt Markets. The collective private sector's assets and investments as of 2000 are now insignificant in comparison with what US Government now owns by and through investment.. [...]
Ask the school district for a letter as to who funded the School District's last several bond issues (get the investor information). Then get a letter from the treasurer that the school district does not use their own investments funds to fund their own debt. Local governments through shell investment firms that they may start themselves or contract out with will use their own investment funds to fund their own debt and thus move money out of sight of the public to lock in a long-term investments for themselves and a debt under their 'Budgetary' expenses for the public to repay. No reply, or an illusive reply not answering that specific question is in any light an admission of their participation.
Put that can of worms out for the public to digest of their local governments over the last 20 to 30 years have transitioned into funding their own debt (bond issues) and see what happens. (The best result would be for much of the standing debt held is vacated against the standing investments held by the same local government entity.) The only justification I got from the local government financial managers was that 'look at what a good job we are doing investing the public's funds, we got them a .25% (quarter percent) lower then they could have got from the private sector.'
This practice of self-debt funding by local governments now exceeds several trillion dollars in composite totals. The cost of interest for that debt is shown on the 'Budget' report and the returns from the investment that funds the debt is shown in the note sections of the local government's corresponding CAFR 'Comprehensive Annual Financial Report'.
Note: It is some times better to go to the State run Enterprise Authority handling the financial investment and do a reverse look at what local governments are participating and for how much."

"The public maintained the illusion that government 'survived' off of tax income (with the help of the bought and paid for Media and Political talking heads monopoly), and as of 2000 only 1/3rd of the gross income when looking at the big picture was tax income.
Now, here is the key for comprehension: government's attitude was: anything we collect in tax income we are responsible to the public for oversight and disclosure given to the public. Anything we accomplish pertaining to our gross income that is non-tax income, we are only accountable to ourselves and we can invest, spend, and transfer that income as we choose without public oversight and disclosure given. Well, that amount has now blossomed into 2/3rds of the gross income. Publicly promoted budget reports given for public consumption are almost exclusively showing tax income. [...]
I was a CTA for 14 years and traded the derivatives market for 31 years. Additionally, I was national sales manager for the US Trading Championship, US Investing Championship, and Money Money Managers verified Ratings for a period of ten years (1982-1992). Per the Money Managers Verified Ratings, I was dealing with a few managers that had 150 to 750 billion dollars under management. When I learned of Governments true scope and size of their participation and ownership in the International Investment arena, in 1994 I called a few of the big boys I had dealt with and gave them a brief of 'the forest'.
They were unaware until told and their minds alerted to the comprehension to look (they were to busy dealing with a few trees in the forest). Additionally they were only given information that the forest controllers wanted them to see. Any comprehensional direction towards discussion, qualification, consolidated total reports, or validation of or what the forest had become was intentionally omitted in and from the learning curve.
Most managers were only dealing with a few leaves or branches and knew there were a few big trees around them, but that was as far as it went – due to the money control and ownership involved. [...]
Being that 'Government has already taken it all over by investment' the TRF comes in and reverts ownership back to direct benefit to the people through phasing out 'all taxation', the biggest organized crime inflicted on the population of this earth, and makes visible the hidden influence peddling for profit accomplished to start war, genocide, or stripping of taxpayer revenue into shill investments held to guarantee a massive profit for the inside players at taxpayer expense and loss, with this being the second biggest crime on earth.
They are using taxpayer funds to shore-up their own investments of which out of their own greed for profits through the use of expanded derivative vehicles, those arenas were destabilized in the first place. Now that's the definition or arrogance and blatantly a lack of open non-disclosure to the public. The new Amerika with a fascist twist, and the bought and paid for political and news media talking heads keep the masterfully orchestrated misdirection rolling along for business as usual to continue, due to the money, profit, and control involved. Stripped from the American people over the decades I may add."

"Here is the basis for what is going on here.

Cecil Rhodes, British statesman and empire builder, in his last will he says [...] in the first five wills Cecil Rhodes repeatedly called for a 'secret society, the true aim and object whereof should be the extension of the British rule throughout the world and eventually the ultimate recovery of the United States of America'. So there is a secret society operating around the world that has as its true aim and objective the destruction of the freedom of our country. And these people are British royalty. Not the English people! The English people are a beautiful people, have a very beautiful history, the country and even the U.K., all three of the countries are beautiful countries with beautiful people. But the British royalty, in my humble opinion, are the most evil operation on the face of the earth. I believe they're behind the drug trafficking, mafia, blood loaning ...

Now, the main thing that I wanted to talk about today [...] I want you to understand something very clearly. When anyone asks you in this country: Are you a citizen of the United States? [...] What do you think that they're asking you? Is it: Are you lawfully in this country? Are you lawfully here to do business and be here? That's not what they ask you.
The country is called America. America is the name of the country.
But in the late 1860s, a group of men got together and incorporated a privately owned company. Anyone can incorporate a privately owned company, and a group of men did. They incorporated a company privately owned, and they called the company 'The United States Company Corporation'. And according to corporate law – and anyone who has a corporation in business knows according to the corporate law – all corporations must have a president. That's the law. And it must have a vice president. And it must have a secretary of treasury. That's corporate law. So the corporation had to have a president and a vice president.
Today when you see, once a year, at the State of the Union, when you see the president comes out and the Speaker of the House says: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States', everybody in this country thinks this is the President of America. America doesn't have a president. This is a corporate term used in business. The United States Corporation is a privately owned company. It's privately owned!
And it's a ten miles square that it operates in called 'The District of Columbia'. 'Columbia' simply means universal. This is what 'Catholic' means: universal. When you start tracing back the ownership of the corporation called 'United States' privately owned company, then you began to see that, if you say that you are a citizen of the U.S., what you're saying lawfully is that you are an employee of a foreign corporation on the International Maritime Admiralty Law.
You are an employee of a privately owned company.

Therefore, if you are living in any state such as California and you're making money here, then what you are doing quite literally is moonlighting, because you are already working for an employee of a privately owned company called United States Corporation. But you're earning money in California. Therefore you are a franchisee of a foreign corporation under maritime law. You're a franchisee! It's like opening up a McDonalds here.
You can open up a McDonalds but you're not the boss of McDonalds. The McDonalds Corporation is the boss. They tell you what you can sell and what you can't sell, and how much it is gonna be, and they call the shots. You can really be a franchisee operating under their jurisdiction. So consequently each one of us who call ourselves a citizen of the U.S. is in point of fact a franchisee of a foreign corporation. And once a year you have to pay what is referred to as California Franchise Tax Board because you're a franchisee of a foreign corporation on the international law.

Let me explain something to you.
There are two kinds of law on the earth, basically two kinds of law: Roman Civil Law and Maritime Admiralty. Roman Civil Law comes from the word civil or civili, in Latin meaning [...] Civil Law is referred to as the law of the land. But there is a higher law that governs the whole earth. (That's the one where I think the reptilians are into.) There is a higher law that operates on the earth, and it has nothing to do with the civil law of any country. Because civil law is different in any country. You can do things in Africa, you can't do in Spain. Or you can do things here in America, you can't do in France. Because the people's law, the law of the land, is different according to the culture. But when you talk about the Maritime Admiralty Law ... what we're talking about is the law of water, the law of banks. Banking law is called Maritime Admiralty.
And consequently ... This is why incidently the Statue of Liberty could not be put on land in this country. It had to be put in a port. It had to be put in water. Why?
Because it's not the Statue of Freedom, – It's a statue of liberty! Liberty is what a sailor gets when you pour in the port, because the admiral gives the captain on those boats, those ships ownership of your body. You ask permission to leave. And if he lets you what he is most slightly not going to, but if he allows you to leave, you have liberty. You don't have freedom! And as long as you call yourself a U.S. citizen, you are an employee of a foreign corporation incorporated under international maritime law, and consequently you're a franchisee of a foreign corporation. They. Own. You.

Now, let me show you how they own you. When a ship pours into port say from Japan and brings an estate 800 million dollars worth of Toyotas and televisions, the first thing the captain has to do is, fill out and give to the port authorities something called a certificate of manifest. He has to give them a certificate showing how much each car causes whether has four doors or two, if it got air conditioning, if not. Every car has to have a certificate of manifest showing exactly what you're bringing into this country, how much it is gonna cost our banks, how much we're gonna have to pay for this, and so is business – It comes in on water. It's Maritime Admiralty Banking Law. So therefore, each item has to have a certificate of manifest. And the ship when it pours into, it parks at the dock, and where it parks is called 'the ship sits in its birth.' Now, when you were born, your mother ... her water broke, and when your mother's water broke, you came out, and therefore you're a maritime admiralty product on the international maritime banking law. You are a product! Because you came out of your mothers water, and therefore you have to have a birth certificate. And the birth certificate has to be signed by the doc. Okay? And consequently, if you go to Sears and you buy something that's to large to take home, they'll bring it to you. And so they will tell you what time they're going to deliver the product. That's why your mother was in a delivery room. She was delivering a product on the international law.

Now, when you get the birth certificate, that is a Maritime Admiralty certificate that shows you are a 'human re-source'. And the corporation called United States went to your mother and asked her: Would you donate this body to us as a colateral for a loan?
Because each birth certificate is worth when it first started in 1933 ... I am told it was like $ 630,000 per birth certificate on the international exchange.
And your birth certificate today is on the stock market.
Look on the back of your social security card, and you will see numbers in RED. Any time you see red numbers, they represent your blood. You turn it on the other side, and you'll see it in BLUE. Blue is Maritime Admiralty, the Navy Blue.
So consequently you are a product that was bought. And on the birth certificate, there on the bottom right where your mother signed, it doesn't say mother or parent, it says 'informant'. [...]
My mother had an uncle when I was growing up. My mother had an uncle who worked in the Vatican's Secretary of States Office. I'm Italian. My mother also had two federal judges as uncles when I was growing up living in my home town. So I know the Catholic church, I know the Jesuits, I understand the Mafia, I understand the Cosa Nostra. I mean, when I saw Godfather that felt at home. This was the way I visioned life. So I know what I'm talking about. I have spent 42 years reading and studying and researching theology – that's my subject. Government is not my subject. [...]

The Pope of Rome made a proclamation in the late Middle Ages. He said that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. You may have heard that term, 'Vicar of Christ'. The word vicar in Latin simply means 'one who stands in for'. [...] which means, he is standing in for Jesus.
Consequently the idea is that god created the whole heavens and the whole earth and he owns everything on it. And so therefore, he turned it over to his son, Jesus, his son. But since Jesus isn't here, somebody has to run this place. So since Jesus isn't here, the pope said I will be the Vicar of Christ. I'll stand in for him till he gets back. Then when he gets back, I'll turn over the whole world to Christ, but until he gets here, I'm in charge! Okay? As long as you understand that, we're going to do just fine.

Now, the first thing the pope did after declaring himself the Vicar of Christ, made himself the owner of all life on the earth, for Jesus. Jesus owned the whole earth but he ain't here, so I do. Second: He made a contract with the King of England. It was a commercial treaty of sorts with the King of England in which he gave the possessions of Jesus, which he held as the Vicar of Christ, to the King of England, as a corporate holding company. So, the whole world would be under the King of England FOR the Pope. So the Pope owns it, but the President of the Corporation is the King of England, and that whole corporation menagerie is called 'The Crown'. So when you hear about the British Crown, you have to understand that there is a world of difference between being Engl-ish and Brit-ish. British comes from an Hebrew word, berith. A 'berith' is a contract in the old Hebrew language, and 'ish' is a man or men. Therefore berith-ish becomes british – man of the contract. That's why any time you do anything of any importance in this country or in the western world you got to sign a contract. When you get married you get to have a Marriage Licence. The same reason why attorneys have to have a licence."

Cojo) The self-appointed majestic position of being "god's vicar" in person, quasi as the only legal embassador of an allmighty, unknown, fatherly souled creator of landscapes and lifes, entitles or raises in my eyes the claim to absolutistic world dominance quite automatically!
Declaring then himself "infallible" seems merely the next consequent move on the project of entering the throne of a "King of the World" someday, and finally inaugurating the long built-up Catholic "World Pharaoh" of Rome resp. Jerusalem, who represents with one universal religion the "all-seeing" power of a global monarchical constitution under the no longer smoked, implants-based Jesuit Shepherd's Fold.

"Mr. Speaker, in order that the American people may have a clearer understanding of those who over a period of years have been undermining this Republic, in order to return it to the British Empire, I have inserted in the record a number of articles to prove this point. [...] Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled Triumphant Democracy. In this he expresses himself in this manner: 'Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states – the British-American Union.'
This statement is clear, and the organizations which Mr. Carnegie endowed have spent millions in order to bring this about. [...] organized to bring about a British union, a union in which the United States would again become a part of the British Empire. However, this has been upset to some extent by the attempt of the internationalists to establish their own government as an International or world union."

"A human being is not a person because he is a human being, but because rights and duties have been ascribed to him. Specifically the person is that legal subject or substance of which the rights and duties are attributes. But not all human beings are persons, as was the case in Old England when there were slaves."

Cojo) Slaves? Rome?
Sheeps? Shepherds?
There is no conspiracy.
Of course not.
That's absurd. Totally.
Absolutely groundless!
Exceedingly after that totally non-absurd Towers-to-Ash global television event with it's daily bombardment of "9/11"-like terror monger by now two main memestreams of opinion, the old corporate and the new conspiratorial one.

Serious crimes which aren't cleared-up stay reproducible with the greatest of ease. Logically.

Are you a sovereign yet?