November 3, 2009

Secret societies operate through intelligence agencies

02/28'07 Vyzygoth interviews Darryl Eberhart on Beyond The Grassy Knoll

Darryl) And then just the last couple of years, I all of the sudden decided to discover that there was a real superpower behind the scenes, orchestrating things in the religious world, in the financial world, in the geopolitical world, and of course, that's what I have recently termed the "Vatican-Papacy-Jesuits-Knights of Malta cabal". And I believe they are the real real powers behind most of the powerful governments in the world, clearly with the Roman Catholic religion over a billion adherents and with super financial stockholdings etc. through their fabulously rich Knights of Malta. So by far, they are the biggest people out there. […]
Keith V-Goth) What I find people having a hard time with is the fact that this could be so perversive. And they still have a hard time believing it because of the PR that comes out of the Vatican etc. [...]
The government, you know, they are not our friends. At the behest of the listener, I put up on my homepage links to three New York Times stories that tell you, the FBI was involved, you could say, and also pulled off the 1993 World Trade Tower Bombings, okay? There is three stories out there, straight from the New York Times, and they implicate themselves, they convict themselves. […] This is only the beginning of it, it's not all the FBI's fault. But the fact is, we have a problem: Our government is not our advocate, it's our adversary. […]

Darryl) The way to control governments is to bribe people, to give them money, to give them power and sexual favors. And I think, a lot of Congressmen in the past and probably to this very day, the new ones they come in, they get them in compromising position.
Basically, secret societies operate through intelligence agencies. I think, we hung up on this idea of 'oh, all the CIA couldn't be bad, or all the FBI couldn't be bad, or all the national security agencies couldn't be bad – no one can pull of a conspiracy without a whole lot of people knowing.' Well, can I give him a little bit of my background? And I'll tell him why they can do that.
Keith) Absolutely.
Darryl) I spent 26 years in the intelligence community. I had a Top Secret Special Intelligence Clearance that entire time. I was at the top of my profession as a technician – eleven and a half of that was in the old U.S. Air Force Security Service. I learned Russian and Arabic languages. I was a linguist, a traffic analyst, and a reporter in the Air Force. And then I spent eight and a half years in what would be the army's equivalent to that: the old army security agency – military intelligence. And then I worked six years for the National Security Agency, after I retired from the military. And the reason that they're able to pull so many things off is, that within those intelligence communities, where you have people with top secret clearances, everything is on a need-to-know basis, and it's very compartmentalized, so that you could be in one room and the room down the hall you can't get in despite all your Top Secret Special Intelligence Clearances, because it's on a strict need-to-know basis. But the key thing is that most of the people in the CIA, the FBI, the NSA are good, red-blooded, patriotic Americans who are working hard to do their job, especially during the Cold War that they were fighting against Communism and America's enemies. And they are at the bottom, they have no idea – just like a secret society: they are at the bottom, they are popping information up, and the people at the top feed off that information, correlate it, provide it to whom they will, keep what information from whom they don't want it to get to, and that's the way they are able to control things. The Kennedy Assassination is a beautiful picture of that because you have Knights of Malta all over the intelligence community.
The FBI Assistant Director Cartha DeLoach for the FBI was the liaison to the Warren Commission. Then the CIA liaison to the Warren Commission was another Roman Catholic military order Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton. So any information going back and forth between the Warren Commission, which is an interesting commission, had some of Kennedy's enemies on it like Allen Dulles () also a lot of top-level Freemasons were at the heads of these organizations. So again, you don't have to have all of your people in these organizations, all you have to do is have them at key choke points, key leadership positions, like Angleton was the head of the CIA's counter-intelligence – probably just as powerful as the head of the CIA – for like decades. He also set the Vatican desk, he set the Israel desk, but the key thing was: he was the liaison to the Warren Commission. So that any information going back and forth between them were handled by a couple of Roman Catholic military order Knights of Malta and, of course, you had Roman Catholic Knights of Malta involved in other areas [...] they're all over the map in the intelligence community.

Keith) Would it be fair to say that, when you do have sort of black bag operatives in the intelligence communities, that they are necessarily there because of their membership in a secret society?
Darryl) I think, if they get into any of a top position, they are either in the secret society or they're being controlled by the secret societies, whether it's through, like I said, sexual gifts, whether they give them monetary gifts ... If somebody that's either in, with them, or totally controlled by them, you're not going to be in a powerful position – I don't think – and last very long. John Kennedy is the perfect example. If you start to bug the system, they're going to either try to buy you off, give you something special, or bribe you if they know of sexual indiscretions etc., and if none of that works very quickly ... if you very powerful, very high up, that you might reveal secrets or break up like Kennedy was going to do break up the CIA into a thousand pieces, especially take the black ops from them and transfer it over to the Pentagon, then they're going to kill you. And most likely they will kill you. [...] I think, John Kennedy, and Bobby, and a few others were really trying to run stuff out of the White House, and when they started to go against some of their advisers, when he started to print money outside of the Federal Reserve, when he decided to shut down he war in Vietnam, there were just to many powerful interests in the background that decided, 'hey, he is double-crossed, thus he has got to go.'
Keith) Do you wonder if the old man hadn't taken a very debilitating stroke at the end of '61, if he would allowed those to – perhaps what I would say – 'go rogue'?
Darryl) That who had that debilitating stroke?
Keith) Joseph Kennedy
Darryl) Oh! I heard from some folks that when they said, 'your boy's got to go,' that he just nodded his head. There has been several books written about his ties with Sam Giancana and others. Joseph Kennedy – he was the mob.
Keith) Of course the fiction work which I don't think it's fiction, obviously, and the name excapes me – I think it's also the individual who wrote The Manchurian Candidate () which heavily, heavily innervates that the father knew, it was the price of doing business.
Darryl) Exactly.

Another example of good patriotic Americans, you have like Navy Seals or Special Forces that are sometimes ... especially Special Forces – I don't know if you ever had Lt. Colonel Daniel Marvin on?
Keith) No.
Darryl) He was asked to kill Lt. Commander William Bruce Pitzer [...] and he was trying to get that information out to the public, thus he had a Top Secret Clearance as Navy Lieutenant Commander, and so Marvin, Colonel ... he was then a Captain of Special Forces was asked to take him out at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He refused because he said, you know, 'Special Forces are only used to assassinate people overseas, and you guys use the CIA here, in the U.S. I'm not gonna do it.' Well, they asked another captain and I think, he might have been the one Special Forces' Captain that killed him. But the point I'm trying to get here is that they were saying that Pitzer, Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, was gonna tell secrets to the Soviets, so, you know, 'you need to kill this guy!' And that's how they get good patriotic people like Special Forces () to assassinate one who's actually a guy trying to bring important information to the American people or to reveal evil that's going on within government. And they ask a guy that's been highly-trained in assassination technics () sniper etc., 'hey, you need to kill this guy because he's selling secrets.' So, you can see, how it works. They can get a good patriotic American to kill another good patriotic American by lying to him. And that's very sad, but that's going on.

Keith) Whenever people talk about ... You know, I'm not saying people. I mean, when Wilcox, yourself, Phelps, Tom Richards, when we have discussed, or/and they had written about the Vatican and the Jesuits, everybody says, 'oh wow, they can't be into everything.' But they certainly are, I mean, their diguise is a one that nobody thinks they are capable of it, because there are supposedly ecclesiastically into, that they could have such an expansive and efficient organization. But I also want to mention one other thing: (And we had a gentleman on here () by name of Greg, who has a website that kind is devoted to occult history:, and Greg if you're listening, you can be insulted by this as well.) I'm gonna to have another guest on, who are really starting to bother me with his tone. And if he's listening today, he probably won't come on, because I'm directing it to him. And that is, he writes me an email saying he will come on the show – he said, 'but my own views are very different from those who focus on the Illuminati, Freemasons and such distractions and trivia.' Well, I would love to send him back a very measured email. Because this is the kind of "locked head" that is out there, that makes so many of these things happen. This also includes people not believing that the Vatican, the Jesuits, and – as you said before – the Knights of Malta can be involved in this stuff. But now, having set that all up, there is a hierarchy! And when you mention this along with the temporal coadjutors, you're looking at a framework, so that when you mention this, it involves all this but it makes others think perhaps that we've gone loony. Your take.

Darryl) Yeah, the reason for that is, and it's very sad, and to some American I can say this: We Americans, for the most part, are extremely "history-challenged". Not only do we know very little about real church history, not only do we know very little about european history, world history, but we know very little about true American history. I ran into Europeans, Keith, when I was over in Germany and other places, that knew far more about American history than a lot of Americans do. And I talked to you earlier about this: we need to be doing more reading. You mentioned about the Jesuits – most people they can't just believe that the Jesuits are that powerful. Let me just give you a couple of quotes here. You know, a lot of people try to blame it on the Jews, to blame it on Freemasons, and it's just like I said, the last couple of years, every stone I started turning over, I started finding Jesuits, Knights of Malta, which is controlled and co-located with the Jesuit Order, involved in almost any key assassination of heads of state, important ones and throughout history, involved in fomenting wars like WW I and WW II. So here is that great quote. It's by a Canadian historian, J.E.C. Shepherd, and if the Jesuits aren't so powerful and so bad, then why would a quote like this be made.

Between 1555 and 1931, the Society of Jesus was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversive plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. [...] Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.

So, and most of the people that threw them out, Keith, were Roman Catholic monarches! They were thrown out of places like Spain and Portugal, like two and three times each, France, they were thrown out most of the Central American countries, they were thrown out of Russia several times. Of course, almost any time that that occurred, they came back with a vengeance. They were responsible for assassinating not only President Abraham Lincoln, which is something that's totally disappeared from American history text books and from encyclopedias, but they killed Czar Alexander I and Czar Alexander II of Russia, they killed King Henry III and King Henry IV of France – one of them tried to give religious liberty to all of the French people. They've got such a track record of murder, not to mention religious genocide like happened in Croatia in the 1940s.

There is another great quote – () some people, you know, try to say, the Masons are running everything – this is by another historian, it's an American historian named James Parton. Very short quote, he says:

If you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Superior General of the Jesuit Order] are one and the same person.

So clearly, these guys are big power players. If we go back and study european history, we'll find out for centuries ... and of course the Jesuits are kind of – as far as the Roman Catholic Church goes – a relatively new order: they have only been around 400 and plus years. But for those 400 years, almost every single King, Queen, the mistresses of the King, the top generals in those countries – all had Jesuits for their father confessors. Their children ... of any royalty, or anybody that was important went to Jesuit colleges. In universities they were at the forefront of setting all those up. So, when you become the father confessor to the King, or the Queen, or to his mistresses, and all of the sudden you want the King to launch – let's say – a religious genocide against the Waldenses or somebody, you just go in and say, 'hey King, we want you to kill all these people, even in your own country,' and if he starts to hesitate, 'well, how about we tell the Queen about your ten mistresses?' That's why I wrote an article about the confessional. It's the greatest intelligence gathering system that the world has ever seen.


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